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These are products which we have previously developed with set of formulas that can be modified to fit a specific market and taste profile, thus enabling us to manufacture it under a specific label for a given customer.

Private label production charges are higher and usually include packaging of finished product for retail sale according to the customer's specifications.

Kay’s Processing, LLC. is one of the most versatile and innovative manufacturing facilities with over 25 years of experience in high quality products. Our facility is Certified Gluten-Free, Organic, Kosher and BRC (Global Food Safety Initiative). Our private label manufacturing experience ranges from Specialty Baby Foods as well as Breakfast and Snack Foods such as crisps, nuggets, filled pillows, pretzels, puffs and chips pictured above. call 320-847-3220


These are products developed for a specific customer through our R&D services.
Once the customer is satisfied with the product, we go into production of finished products packaged for retail sale according to the customer's specifications.

The given customer pays for the R&D to develop their unique product, and pays production costs for the finished packaged product, including raw materials.