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Massoud Kazemzadeh, Ph.D., COO, Chairman

Massoud Kazemzadeh, Ph.D., COO, Chairman Dr. Kazemzadeh earned a Ph.D. in food engineering from Texas A&M University and has over 20 years of food-related development and manufacturing experience. He is an authority in the area of vegetable protein and extrusionprocesses. He has served as a consultant and educator to numerous Fortune 500 companies and businesses, has authored numrous professional journal articles and book chapters dealing with related topics, and hs authored 25 patents pertaining to food processing and product development, nine of which have been granted with the remainder pending approval. Dr. Kazemzadeh has owned and operated a number of inovative business ventures, all of which have proved profitable. Over the lastdecade he conducted feasibility studies to determine the viability of a product capable of enriching the human diet. The results of his studies led to the formation of Kay's Naturals. As COO of Kay's, he now oversees product development and manufacturing which includes setting standards for quality control, product and packaging design, new product development, and improvements on existing products.

Ann Jones-Kazemzadeh, J.D., Director

A former assistant city attorney for the City od Dallas, Texas, with several years in private practice specializing in corporate litigation and appeals, Ms. Jones-Kazemzadeh has participated in the start-up of several successful enterprises. In the last seven years she has led the branded line, Kay's Naturals, from a conceptual stage to national distribution with a network of reagional distributors, major regional grocery chanis, and health food and sports nutrition retailers. Ms. Jones-Kazemzadeh is responsible for corporate management and performance, with concentrated efforts and skills aimed at sales and marketing.